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Business Operations
Our Operations Planning and Management foundation include's our own methods to own, use, develop and finance our own real estate projects through our investor's.  One of our Operations goals is creating value far beyond what is achievable.  This would most likely not happen had Gateway Global not been involved. 

Initially, we seek to identify and understand goals and objectives clearly.  From there, we have a developed, formalized and disciplined strategy to achieve those goals.  We use our experience, skills, relationships, and knowledge to the benefit of all of the projects and developments we do.  Our Mastermind Investment Team and its members, with help from our specialists, bring the experience of institutional discipline and entrepreneurial thinking together to create real estate asset ownership and user strategies regardless of the point in the cycle.  Our work and involvement frees time and resources for everyone involved and adds value to our investments. 

Gateway Global Groups strengths lie in our network, experience, strategies and solutions for its success.  With over many years of experience from our Mastermind Investment Team and our professionals, we stand ready to bring discipline and value to our projects today and going into the 21st century.
Recognizing The Difference Between Strategic & Operational Objectives

Gateway Global Group realizes well-managed businesses usually start the planning process with a broad mission statement or vision. While this starting point is both necessary and admirable, it usually does not become useable by the management team until the mission is translated into a strategic plan that is then used to guide operations. Managers gain from an understanding of the difference between strategic and operational objectives because this distinction plays a major role in the conversion of an overarching vision into concrete, specific tasks.

Strategic Objectives
We practice a plan that includes strategic objectives and long-term organizational goals to help convert our mission statement from a broad vision into more specific plans and projects. We know they set the major benchmarks for success and are designed to be measurable, specific and realistic translations of our mission statement that can be used by our management to guide decision-making.  We know that strategic objectives are usually developed as a part of a two- to four-year plan that identifies key strengths and weaknesses and sets out the specific expectations that allow the Gateway Global Group to achieve a more broad-based mission or vision.

Operational Objectives
We also know and put in place operational objectives on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to project benchmarks that will implement larger strategic objectives. We realize that Operational objectives, also called tactical objectives, are set out with strategic objectives in mind and provide a means for management and staff to break down a larger strategic goal into workable tasks. For example, achieving the strategic goal of a 25 percent increase in sales revenue requires the completion of an operational objective to develop and execute an effective advertising strategy along with other operational objectives. As with strategic objectives, operational objectives will also be measurable and specific, though we know their focus will be narrower.

Realizing the Important Differences
We also know the most important difference between a strategic and an operational objective is its time frame; for instance operational objectives are short-term goals, while strategic objectives are longer-term goals. Strategic and operational objectives also function differently in practice as strategic objectives are still usually too broad to make sense as a specific set of daily tasks or weekly projects.  Operational objectives, on the other hand, are specific and short term enough to be considered usable in everyday time and asset allocation. We will practice and employ both strategies in our operations.

Relationship Between Strategy and Operations
Even though strategic and operational objectives are substantially different, we know it is important enough to recognize that they are closely related in scope.  We realize an organization is unlikely to achieve a strategic objective if it fails to effectively translate it into workable operational objectives. At the same time, operational objectives will lack cohesion with each other and with the overall organizational mission if they are not designed to affect the achievement of strategic objectives.  Put simply, strategic objectives only become useful when translated into operational objectives and operational objectives are only effective when designed to serve a strategic objective.  We will pursue and use these methods to reach ultimate success in our projects and developments.
​From the Chief Operations Officer, JW Davis

Making A Plan...
Gateway Global Group approaches our planning, development and business activities very seriously and with high integrity in order to establish and achieve our short and long-term goals. Our business plan also allows us to visualize the bigger picture, which helps us maintain focus on our goals rather than any minor setbacks. Planning and development of our projects can be complicated and demanding, but we move forward with a solid plan that keeps our company organized and on task.
                                                                                                                                                       Knowing The Market...                                                                                                                     We have acquired an in-depth knowledge of our selected market as part of our overall planning strategy. Keeping abreast of current local, state and national trends, including any changes in economic consumer spending habits, mortgage rates and the unemployment rate, to name a few, allows us to recognize and acknowledge current conditions, thereby planning for our future and the community-at-large as a whole. This enables us to predict when trends may change, creating potential opportunities for all of us. 

Being Honest...
Many companies today do not to uphold a particular degree of ethics anymore. Although it would be easy to take advantage of this situation, we practice maintaining very high ethical standards. Since our company involves people, our reputation is far reaching and very exposed in the business world. We know it is better to be fair and honest, rather than seeing what we can get away with. This is the major diffence between Gateway Global Group and many other companies existing today in our business world.

Developing Focus...
We realize and understand it is important for Gateway Global Group to develop and maintain our focus in order to gain the depth of knowledge essential to becoming successful. Taking the time to develop this level of understanding is an integral part of who we are and for the long-term success of our company. Once a particular market is mastered, we can move on to additional areas in the same region using the same in-depth approach. 

Encouraging Referrals...
Referrals generate a sizable portion of our business, so it is critical that we treat others with integrity and respect. This includes our business partners, associates, clients and anyone else with whom we have a business relationship.   We pay full attention to detail, listen and respond to complaints and concerns, and represent our business in a positive and professional manner at all times. 

Staying Educated...
As with any business like ours, it is imperative to stay up to date with the laws, regulations, terminology and trends that form the basis of our business. We realize that falling behind is a risk that not only causes us to lose momentum in our business but also very serious legal ramifications if laws are ignored or broken. We intend to stay educated and adapt to any regulatory changes or economic trends that is presented in today's business world. 

Understand The Risks...
As a business, we realize we are constantly inundated with warnings regarding the inherent risks involved in operating a successful business. As business investors, however, we know we are more likely to see others claiming just the opposite - that it is easy to make money as a business. We understand the risks - not only in terms of business dealings and operations, but also the legal implications involved - and we will adjust and maintain principles of integrity in our businesses to reduce those risks. 

Investing In An Accountant...
Taxes comprise a significant portion of our yearly expenses. Understanding current tax laws can be complicated and take time away from our business at hand. We will at all times retain the services of a qualified, reputable accountant to handle our business's books. The costs associated with an accountant can be negligible when compared to the savings a professional can bring to our business. 

Finding and Supporting Help...
We have an in-depth knowledge about business in general and about proper and honest business operations.  We realize there are challenges to anyone attempting to do things on their own. Effective businesses often attribute part of their success to others - whether a mentor, lawyer or supportive friend. Rather than risk time and money tackling a difficult problem, we know successful business owners know it is worth the additional costs (in terms of money and ego) to embrace other people's expertise. We support that with all of our might. 

Building A Network...
We also know a network can provide important support and create opportunities to a new or experienced business and its owners. This group, comprised of well-chosen mentors, business partners, clients, or members of non-profit organizations, allows us to challenge and support one another. Because much of operating a business relies on experiential based learning, we know savvy business owners understand the importance of building a network.  We intend to practice this highly successful and supportive business philosophy on a daily basis for our success and for the success of everyone we are involved with. 

Despite abundant knowledge claiming that having and operating a business is an easy road to wealth, it is in fact a challenging business reality requiring expertise, planning and focus. In addition, because our business revolves around people, all of us benefit in the long run by operating with integrity and by showing respect to our associates, clients and each other. We realize it may be relatively simple to enjoy short-lived profits, but we know that developing a long-term business and enjoying its success requires skill and effort. That is why Gateway Global Group and the Gateway Global Mastermind Investors Group fully and whole-heartedly support and will practice these 10 important business habits.   We hope you will join us in our endeavor to transform our business,  your business and our way and quality of life for everyone!  May God Bless Each and Every One of You as we work to transform this community, this region and our very lives to the quality of life we all dream of...Our Success Is Your Success...


Brownsville, Texas - The Gateway Global Commercial Property Real Estate Investment Fund has been created as a financial tool for real estate investors to invest in a variety of the Gateway Global Group's Business & Commercial Real Estate projects in Florida, Texas and several other states along the Gulf Coast.  

The Fund is being created by acting CEO & COO, JW Davis, and CFO, Martin 'Bob' Metzger of Gateway Global Group.  "It is our intention and our goal to allow those who wish to significantly invest in Commercial Real Estate without all the hassle of management and operations, to own a substantial investment bearing fund for their financial portfolio," said Davis.  "The Gateway Global Commercial Property Investment Fund will provide income of 6-18% for our investors on some of the most dynamic projects we have planned for some of the fastest growing communities in America across the Gulf states from Florida to Texas," he said.

Gateway Global Group is a Business & Commercial Real Estate Investment company.

The investment projects of the group are listed here.

Mastermind Groups Have Been Around Since The Dawn Of Mankind...

The founding fathers of the United States were a mastermind group. Jesus and his disciples were a mastermind group. Knights of the Round Table were a mastermind group. A little league baseball team with a coach is a mastermind group. You will find them in all area's of our lives, from sports to medicine to literature to politics to big business.

Gateway Mastermind Investors Group is a group of people from all walks of life with the same goal, such as a board of directors or a management team.

Our Mastermind Group and Team members will be one of the keys to our success. Our group will have an agenda that will belong to the group. Each persons participation is key. Each member will give feedback, help brainstorm new possibilities and idea's and we will have an accountability system that will keep us all focused and on track. We will create a community of supportive colleagues who will brainstorm with each other to move the group to new heights. We will gain tremendous insights, which will help each one of us improve our business and personal life. Our group will be like having an objective board of directors.

Gateway Gloabl Groups Mastermind Team will share basic philosophy that more can be accomplished in less time by working together.  We meet in an open, supportive environment on a regular basis to share thoughts, idea's, opinions, and information on all investment projects we are involved in.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us below.
JW Davis 
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Office:  727.657.3339
Cell:  727.218.9584

Martin R. Metzger 
Chief Financial Officer - CFO
Office:  727.657.3339
Cell:  618.406.8115