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Gateway Hotel & Conference Center
Lone Star Plaza Mid-Town ​
Brownsville, Texas​

Start-up funding needs:  $500,000 - $1,000,000 Immediate funding requirement for: 

1.  Purchase of land
2.  Final comprehensive market & feasibility study
3.  Payment to hospitality specialists who will be managing the finished hotel
4.  Contract with hospitality CPA firm for final budget and projection analysis needed to secure construction financing
5.  Complete application process and chosen hotel chain
6.  Contract with engineers and architects to complete hotel design and construction parameters

Investor Opportunity: Gateway Global Group, LLC (GGG) see's an explosive future for the south Texas Gulf Coast and the city of Brownsville in particular.  SpaceX Corporation, a privately owned and commercial space launch company is building the first commercial rocket launch, command center and tracking facility in the country on the city's Gulf Coast.  Four Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) suppliers have applications pending to build major storage and shipping facilities in the already important Port of Brownsville and several other major industries are looking to Brownsville for expansion.

The city of Brownsville is underserved by quality hotel accomodations and there is a need for additional conference and convention space.  Our company is in development of a high quality hotel with a conference center.  The city of Brownsville, the Brownsville Economic Development Council, and the Brownsville Convention & Visitors Bureau have submitted a letter of support for our project.

GGG is seeking "Limited Partners" who will provide startup capitol for this project.  We anticipate completing a franchise agreement with the chosen hotel chain and to secure construction funding from commercial sources.  These steps are predicated on completing Limited Partner Agreements with additional investors.

Investors that have an interest in this ground floor opportunity must forward to us a letter stating their interest and desire to learn the details of a Limited Partner Agreement.  This letter is required by our attorneys.  Upon receipt of the letter, our attorney will contact you and describe agreement specifics and further steps for you to assure your investment in this very unique and exciting project.

If you wish to discuss this project with us, we are more than happy to share with you our vision and further plans for this project.  We sincerely Welcome all inquiries from you and hope we can work together on this dynamic project for a very successful outcome for you and us!

Thank You!

Martin 'Bob' Metzger
CFO / Principal
Brownsville, Texas

Lone Star Plaza Mid-Town
(Our Vision Conceptual Drawings)
Lone Star Plaza Mid-Town
(Our Vision Conceptual Drawings)